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The site is run by two webmasters and contributions to the site are from four practising New Zealand teachers, working in two different schools, with over 100 years of teaching experience between them.

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(The name "No Brain Too Small" was originally suggested by Ian after some badges were given to the department by Liz........)

We have no plans to extend beyond Science as we are made up of a Biologist, two Chemists and a Physicist - and we add resources when we can, or sometimes in response to special requests!

A special hello to the students we teach in Wanganui at WCS and WHS, and to our own lovely kids still living in Wanganui, and the ones now at University in Wellington & Dunedin!

Recent Posts

January 1 2017

2017 A New Look

We had a bit of time so we thought we would give the site a refresh.

December 12 2016

Happy Holidays

2016 Exams are over. Time for a break - happy holidays all.

May 28 2011

This page was first added on 28/5/2011. We will try and keep a list of our newest additions to each page, to help you so look back regularly! It's lovely to get feedback and/or suggestions from our users.




We have been really impressed with the number of people who want to contribute material so we have created a page for contributions.