I suppose we should add a link to NCEA! Select "subjects" from the right hand side.


Assorted online tutorials for NCEA Chemistry - videos all freely available on Youtube - so go take a look! At this date there are over 40 - see HERE. And you might like to also subscribe to his channel. Please spread the word to your friends / teachers!

The Science Scribe by Lian Soh

Look HERE for some Level 1 Science and Level 2 and 3 Chemistry resources. Nice clear, straighforward sheets and supporting YouTube Videos. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


LookHERE for a new site. As they say "Study like a ninja and learn Science using the ultimate tree of knowledge. Access notes, videos and resources that will help you learn each concept." Got to be worth a look!

Inspiration EDUCATION

Personalised one-on-one tutoring for NCEA, IB and CIE in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Palmerston North and Christchurch: HERE

And free online resources:HERE



Scipad resources and ordering.

A NEW LINK for those wanting to know about coding

Suggested for us by Mia


Pass Biology - a free online Biology Textbook.

Nice to find another teacher out there helping students on a non-commercial site and encouraging resource sharing. Have a look here for some really nice Biology resources and some very useful YouTube links and much more! (We also like that he has a link to us here at No Brain Too Small!)


Making the world Science literate! Science literacy skills as well as key ideas surrounding planning, analysing and evaluating practical work, and the graphing and key mathematical skills that are needed for Science.


Explain That Stuff

It’s written by a UK scientist to explain science and technology to young people. Well worth looking at with over 400 articles.

Studyit the website for NCEA students

Your one stop site for achieving in NCEA maths, science, and English.

Find what you need to know, contact subject teachers, and get encouragement from other students.

Study Skills Advice

Get expert advice on study skills and revision. A UK site but with very helpful information for students and parents.

TUTORING - See below for links to tutorly, the learning collaberative & pencilcase.

Find a local private tutor. Check out Also some great advice HERE about how to go about finding a local tutor.

The learning collaborative (TLC) - Any subject, any level, anywhere...

Tailored adacemic support for NCEA (and more). Check out their website

Study Topics

Index for GCSE Bitesize - the easy to use online revision service for GCSE school subjects including Art, Business Studies, Technology, English, Geography, History, ICT, French, Spanish, German, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) , Religious Studies, Maths, Music, PE.

A UK site but helpful for students. GCSE is the UK equivalent of Year 11 in terms of age of students.

Graphics Calculators

For help using your graphics calculator go to this site.

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