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NCEA EXAMINATIONS (many will soon be removed from the ncea site or have already been removed).

Since NZQA have removed "old" examinations - and some teachers found them useful, we have put them in our collated NCEA exams pages.
We have just added all the old Scholarship exams there as well since NZQA seem to have "archived" (i.e. removed) anything before 2012!
Also there are some UEBS and old school Scholarship papers there too - a real "blast from the past".

Index of Level 3 Physics questions HERE


NB2S is considering writing exams for Y9-10 (Junior end of year) and Y11-13 (NCEA type) for use as School "mock" exams.

There would be a charge associated with these..... of a similar amount to those currently available from some subject associations / businesses.

Please contact us if you would be interested....... Junior exams could be tailored to the topics taught in your school of course.

NZ Chemistry Teachers on Facebook

Lisa Janek from Fairfield College has started a page on Facebook for Chemistry teachers. It's a space to ask questions, share ideas, links and resources. Its a closed group so email Lisa here to join.


Test your class with one of our NCEA Kahoot Quizzes. Search for NoBrainTooSmall (yes that's right - NO gaps!) So far there are a few for Level 1 Science and a few for Physics and Chemistry.

Physics Levels 2 & 3 words for glossaries

Word Puzzles

I have Who has


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