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Access to this site is currently free - the team that run No Brain Too Small think it is important to actively support anyone who wants to learn about Science.

This site has no sponsorship and is paid for personally by the team that run No Brain Too Small.

The team that run No Brain Too Small reserve the right to change this model in the future.

To protect the hard work of the the team that run No Brain Too Small we have chosen to make the majority of the resources web based or downloadable pdfs.

There is a degree of protection placed upon the pdfs - if we have made them impossible to work with then please let us know. It may be an error on a specific document that we have made.

Occasionally we forget to make them printable - never intentionally!!! (If you need access to the material directly, you could always ask...)

The team that run No Brain Too Small produce resources that they hope will match the learning needs of their visitors including, specifically, visitors from New Zealand.

As the New Zealand education system goes through inevitable change, the team that run No Brain Too Small will attempt to keep their resources current.

Some of the older resouces will be revised, others replaced - and new material added when we have time! (We are four busy full time teachers after all!)

However the team that run No Brain Too Small are interpreting new standards with little centralised guidance so we will just do the best we can.

It's really nice when we find that someone has put a link to us on their school website or their school LMS (Learning Management System) or in their newsletter (Thank you, Ian Torrie!!).

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January 1 2017

2017 A New Look

We had a bit of time so we thought we would give the site a refresh.

December 12 2016

Happy Holidays

2016 Exams are over. Time for a break - happy holidays all.

May 28 2011

This page was first added on 28/5/2011. We will try and keep a list of our newest additions to each page, to help you so look back regularly! It's lovely to get feedback and/or suggestions from our users.




We have been really impressed with the number of people who want to contribute material so we have created a page for contributions.