NCEA Level 3 Chemistry

Equilibrium principles in aqueous systems

New outlines and revision notes for the revised Level 3 standards were prepared in 2013. However the three new externally assessed AS are not that different from the expired ones and most of the resources are still fine to use!

AS 91392 Topic Outline

AS 90700 Help sheet for species in aqueous solutions - still valid for AS91392

Flashcards (for all calculations involving pH)

Flashcards (large set) - still valid for AS91392

AS91392 Which arrow should I use? (and more)

Useful equation sheet (see page 1 for this AS)

Collated NCEA questions 2005-2010 - still valid for AS91392

Flashcards (small set) - still valid for AS91392

90700 Solubility - essential equations - still valid for AS91392

Solubility & Ks flow chart (Still useful for AS 91392)

AS91392 Collated solubility and solubility product questions 2015 - 2008 (includes questions from expired AS90700)

AS91392 Collated predicting precipitates questions and dissolution questions (common ion, complex ion, reaction with added acid) 2015 - 2013 - Answers included

pH is pHun! All the equations for pH calculations

AS01392 Collated buffer questions - with answers

Sketching pH curves(Still useful for AS 91392)

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