NCEA LEVEL 1 Science


90948 v3Science Genetics Topic Outline

Last minute Genetics reminder sheet

90948 Science "Survival sheet" - almost the whole AS on 1 sheet of paper!

90948 Genetics glossary

Collated NCEA questions - NEW Sept 2020 2014-2019 (Answers on NZQA site)

NCEA Collated questions: DNA and role of DNA - Now updated to 2019

NCEA Collated questions: Punnets and Pedigrees - Now updated to 2019

NCEA Collated questions: Variation and survival - . Now updated to 2019

90948 OLDER Collated Genetics questions - one document, questions organised by type - answers HERE

Genetics flash cards (older version)

Genetics flash cards

More Genetics flash cards

90948 Genetics (DNA/cell division notes)

90948 Genetics (Monohybrid cross notes)

90948 DNA, mitosis, meiois, and reproduction

90948 DNA "flow sheet" - how DNA works

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