Chemical Reactivity


91166 Reactivity checklist

Last minute reminders / at a glance sheets

Last minute Reactivity reminders - Revised for 2019

91166 Rates, equilibrium, acids and bases and pH - a page on each

Acids and Bases

Acids & Bases Notes

At a glance - Comparing Strong and Weak Acids & Bases notes


91166 Equilibrium notes

Rates - watch this space for updates!

Rates of reaction notes (AS 91166 (2012-2017) and from expired AS 90310 but still relevant)

Collated questions

Collated Rates of reaction questions (from expired AS 90310 and new AS 91166) - updated to 2017

91166 Collated Equilibria questions and answers (2013-2018) UPDATED TO INCLUDE 2018new

Collated Equilibria questions (from expired AS 90310)

Collated Equilibria answers (from expired AS 90310)

91166 Collated Acids, bases & pH questions (2013-2018) .newNo answers here - will need to look HERE.

Assorted collated Acids, bases & pH questions (from 2012 and the expired AS 90310 - still valid)Answers


91166 Reactivity flashcards


91164 / 91166 Assorted Calculations (energy, Kc & pH)

Older resources - still relevant

Collated Equilibria Questions (from expired AS 90310 and new AS 91166) - Kc and calculations only; Hints included.

pH calculation notes (from expired AS 90310 but still 100% relevant to AS 91166)

pH calculation help PowerPoint

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