Organic Chemistry


91165 Organic Chemistry checklist

Last minute reminders / At a glance sheets

Last minute Organic Chemistry reminders

Bare essentials survival sheet. I was asked by my class today to do a survival sheet with the absolute basics but it always grows! Not a complete set of notes but more than enough for A and M, I suspect!

Cornell Notes and Workbooks

91165 Organic Chemistry Cornell Notes. You should print and write your own cue questions in the left hand column. Ideally you should be making your own notes - incomplete sample pages

91165 Organic Chemistry Cornell Notes. Containing cue questions and summary notes. Complete Topic here.

91165 Organic chemistry notes - copy with "answers" / annotations HERE

91165 Organic Chemistry Revision pages (5)

Revision Notes

91165 Reaction Types summary

91165 Reaction Type summary (brief)

91165 Types of Reaction (crib sheet!)

91165 Isomerism help sheet

Reagents & Tests for functional groups

91165 Reagents - what they do / Organic analysis

91165 How to identify organic unknowns

Collated NCEA Exam questions

91165 Collated questions about naming and drawing molecules & answers - 2012 - 2019new

91165 Collated questions about isomers & answers - updated to include 2019

91165 Collated questions about (mostly) alcohols & answers - updated to include 2018

91165 Collated flow chart type questions & answers - updated to include 2018

91165 Collated identification questions & answers - updated to include 2018new

91165 Collated polymer questions and answers - updated to include 2018new

Conversion Flow charts

91165 Reaction flow chart revision (starts from propan-1-ol; conversion, reagent, conditions & type of reaction)

91165 Simple ethene reaction map

91165 Reaction flow chart Based on ethene

91165 Reaction flow chart Based on propene


Revision Q & A

91165 Guide to naming and drawing organic molecules and self test activity


Flashcards for conversions & distinguising between tests

91165 Organic flashcards

Older resources - ignore esters / do not contain questions about amines

Online NB2S Organic Quiz- naming organic compounds

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